Once upon a time...

…there was a man daydreaming in his plane on a business trip. Suddenly the whole Learjet began to shake violently and the sky around them turned dark black almost instantaneous. Just as they thought they were going down with the plane the weather cleared up and revealed a beautiful island with colorful animals and a highly developed flora…



“This cant be a coincidence“ the businessman thought. Immediately a vision struck his mind and over the next few years it became reality. He created what he called „Crypto City“, an island all about luxury, technology and cryptocurrencies.

Enjoy your stay!

Take a look at some of our designs!


The Mint

1400 exclusive and high-quality designs will be dropped on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The Reveal

Finally, you can have a look at your own mansion. Enjoy your stay!

Token and Staking Launch

Holders will be able to earn the official currency of Cryptocity while staking their House. Creating a passive income.

Building up

We will be adding more utility to our currency stay tuned!


Who wants to see his mansion as close to reality as possible?

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Discord Management

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