The first virtual, high-quality real estate collection where owners will be able to earn and build up their wealth.

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1.400 luxury and unique, high-quality mansions

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Hello Cryptocity Community, here you can find answers to frequently asked questions:

🌴 To be announced. For the latest updates, join our Discord.

🌴There will be a total of 1.400 unique luxury mansions. Our goal is choosing quality over quantity, as we believe it will deliver better results in terms of the art itself and thus affecting the price.

🌴The project is hosted on the Ethereum Blockchain.

🌴You can mint on our Website. Just click on the Red Mintbutton in the header to get to the minting page

🌴 WL mint: TBA
🌴 Publip mint: TBA

WL Members will have a discount on the Mint. 
OGs+ Holders will get a Free exclusive Cryptocity NFT of our second collection.

🌴All whitelist spots will be given to active and supportive members of our community during our promo phase, this is due to our invitation and our level system.

🌴Check the roadmap on our website, to get an impression what we have planned for the future.

🌴The Cryptocity main Team is based in Germany.

🌴Click the three points (mobile) or arrow (pc) at the top and it will show a button „invite friends“

🌴We wanted to create a valuable high-quality NFT project where the holders benefit the most. Everyone loves Dreamhouses on lovely Islands. So we put our Vison into virtual reality.

🌴28 different streets.

🌴Holders will be able to earn the official currency of Cryptocity by staking their NFTs. You also can trade with the Community on Opensea.

🌴We are going to create a whole new ecosystem of what a city has to offer. More utilities, more collections, more than just Mansions.

🌴Your Cryptocity Team🌴